Facilities Contact

Price included:


A flipchart with sufficient paper and pens working in four colors.


A full color projector with Ethernet, HDMI and VGA connections.

Write Cubes

If required, we provide a writing pad per participant.


If desired, a pen for each participant.

Coffee, tea and water

Unlimited coffee (Nespresso in many variants), tea (Twinings a wide selection) and water during your meeting.


Amsterdam tasty cookies.

If you wish we can expand the range against extra charge. Please contact us to discuss what range you prefer to see. Possibilities are obviously various fruit juices including freshly squeezed orange juice and / or soft drinks as well as pastries, snacks, lunch and the like are possible.

By default, we start from the opportunities offered by our nearest suppliers. For example, cakes Bakery Holtkamp and lunches Fyra restaurant. But we like to consult with you to hit the right chord.