Introduction Facilities

We as Irish-Dutch couple in our house a B&B began in 2012. The name is derived from our N29 address Noorderstraat 29. After the successful launch of our B & B the opportunity came to redevelop the ground floor. We do this project ‘Ground Floor’ the baptized and so hot still. On the ground floor is a tall, made comfortable multipurpose room. There is a full kitchen space realized. Together to invent almost any application that is not possible here. Conferencing is just one of many possibilities.

Initially mainly for ourselves, we ourselves teacher and session facilitator, to keep our home group meetings and coaching sessions, but we appreciate the space gladly available to others. He lends itself namely excellent for presentations, rehearsals, exhibitions etcetera etcetera.

Room layout

The room itself may be used in various ways. There are tables and chairs to make arrangements of a simple conference table a theater for 25 people. Enter your reservation please specify setup (or empty, as well) you prefer. (Updated layout U-shape, O-shape, Theatre Configuration)

In the kitchen area are standard 14 chairs and a few tables for example a break during your meeting. You will also find the coffee machine (Nespresso) and other catering facilities.